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Kris Landherr has worn many hats through his life so far. His careers/activities have been and still are video editing, graphic design, marketing, CD & DVD duplication, composer, singer, guitarist, pianist, synth player, backing musician, as well as concert and live event promoter.

He began writing and performing in the New Jersey club scene at the age of 16 thanks to a fake i.d. and the Juno synth his mom got him for Christmas. A few years later after composing for pharmaceutical companies and medical documentaries, he began to burn out from having to compose on demand and stopped writing and performing in clubs for 8 years.

At age 32 Kris began to get the performer’s itch again and helped form Black Light Blue in addition to his musical comedy project Liquid Chicken with fresh material and a renewed vigor. Somewhere along the way he got the showcase producer’s bug and started the LandShark! Music Series ‘ “Queer Music With Bite” at Finally Fred’s in the West Village. It then moved to Hannah’s Lava Lounge in Hell’s Kitchy and also enjoyed a brief simultaneous run at the Liffy II in Inwood.

In April 2004 Hannah’s shuttered it’s doors despite the extremely successful draws for the Saturday night shows Kris put up. Taking a hint from the universe he took a few months off to focus on his own material and performing again.

In January 2005 the series began again at La Fleur’s in midtown with the show renamed Fagapalooza. Again the show was drawing fantastic numbers. Unfortunately the establishment was closed down due to a hustler giving a handy to a client in the bathroom observed by an undercover cop. Not to be defeated Kris managed to secure the performance space at New York City’s biggest dive bar Siberia which conveniently enough is just the other side of the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Kris worked tirelessly to keep live queer music going and presented extremely talented acts. Nobody ever left feeling like they didn’t get their money’s worth. The stress of putting on a weekly showcase takes it’s toll and it became time for them to take a break so Kris can record his long anticipated album “Pussy Foot” (pronounced just like it’s spelled). Production began in mid-January using only musicians who’ve performed at one of the showcases or events Kris produced. Release is targeted for early autumn so be on the lookout for the “I’m A Fag” video.

Friday, January 20th featured the launch of Kris’ monthly queer skinhead/punk/alternative music party BUZZCOCK with a boot black , barbers, music by DJ Bejay, a live performance by Houston Bernard. The queer TV news magazine Under The Pink Carpet was there to cover the launch and aired the segment on PBS stations in Philly and Denver as well as on Manhattan’s MNN Network Ch 34. The piece also streams on their site

Kris moved to Dallas in March of 2006 and are settling into a slightly slower pace than New York City demands. They adopted a chocolate lab rescue pup who’s been named Kandy cuz she’s just sooooo sweet. He plans to help get a regular live queer music scene going in Dallas as well as take Fagapalooza on the road to various cities in 2006 and 2007. Kris still flies back to NYC monthly to produce Buzzcock as well as work with some of his video editing and graphic design clients.

He is in the midst of editing a book about Indian painter Anand Patole aka Lem. The two met when Kris was designing the cover of Lem’s music CD. The conversation revealed that a book about Lem and his art that was published in India and being readied for translation and printing in the United States. Lem graciously asked Kris to come on board to build a bridge between translating words and conceptual interpretation.  This marks Kris’ first literary venture and he hopes to have many more. 

In addition to his other super-human feats it should be mentioned that Kris won a bronze medal in wrestling at the Sydney Gay Games on 2002.  He’s also been nominated for Outmusician of the Year 2004 , 2005, and 2006 as well as Outsong of the Year 2004 (Waiting For My Man) and Outsong 2005 (I’m A Fag).  Kris has performed with the likes of Joey Arias, Bedlam, Butthole Surfers, C&C Music Factory, Petula Clark, Paul Lekakis, and Terry White (Nunsense) to name a few.  Celebs spotted while watching him perform are Lea Delaria, Randy Jones (Village People), Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Austin Pendleton (Catch 22, What’s Up Doc), Stanard Ridgeway (Wall of Voodoo), Philipe Rose (Village People), Tom Smothers, Jimmy Somerville, Ron Stringer (Fibonacci’s), and Tequila Mockingbird.